The Glenn Goodson Sports CommunityOrganization (GGSCO) is a local, non-profit organization that was established in early 2007. It is dedicated to supporting the community by building up youth programs and support through strategic partnerships. Often local government cannot meet all social and recreational needs of our community, so GGSCO responded to this void by establishing initiatives and adopting projects that support families, unite communities, and promote healthy lifestyles for children and at-risk youths.

A dedicated Board of Directors provides the expertise to administer the Organization's programs. Comprised of representatives with a variety of interests and experiences, these professionals are driven with a passion for improving the lives of others by sharing their gifts and talents.

Funding is obtained through individual donations, corporate sponsorships, matching fund campaigns, endowments, and partnerships with other agencies. Our record of success has resulted in on-going partnerships with community members, businesses, the City of Aurora Police Dept, Aurora Unified School District, and other non-profit organizations.
A Fighting Chance- Program Video
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