Why Boxing


When you say boxing most people picture two professional boxers in a ring, slugging it out, boxing is known as "The Sweet Science". At an amateur level, boxing is among the most popular fitness programs because it provides great overall results. It requires a high level of discipline,commitment, and provides an opportunity for individual success. When thinking of relevant and effective fitness programs for youths, the question should be, "Why not  boxing?"
Training for boxing requires a fitness program that combines strength training and cardio-vascular exercise. Like other fitness programs, the workout helps to build endurance, and relieve stress! It also instills discipline, and provides emotional balance. For aggressive personalities, boxing provides a safe and constructive outlet for aggression.

Boxing is also a sport. Like other competitive activities, the real skill in boxing is about outwitting the opponent to not get hit and staying calm under pressure. This life skill can be practiced in a safe, constructive environment under the one-on-one supervision of A 1Boxing trainers and coaches.

Amateur boxing ranks as the safest among contact sports. According to the National Safety Council’s Accident Report (1996), amateur boxing ranks lower in number of injuries when compared to football, basketball, soccer, gymnastics, and swimming/diving.
Amateur boxing goes to great lengths to protect its athletes. Boxers must wear a mouthpiece and force-absorbent headgear. Women wear breast protectors. Gloves are designed to absorb, not transmit shock. Also, referees evaluate the boxers throughout the bout. If contact is an issue, some participate in the physical training without ever entering into competitive bouts.
 Boxing programs improves discipline and confidence through rigorous training, and participants feel an immeasurable sense of accomplishment as skills develop. The workouts result in mental focus that is crucial to academic sustainability and achievement.

Amateur boxing clubs such as A 1Boxing have an enviable reputation for offering controlled environments, where bullying, harassment, and other negative behaviors are not allowed. Respect and discipline are the mantras of most programs. Accountability increases through mentorship and personal coaching, which can lead respect in self and others who are working with the child.

Last, amateur boxing training is an excellent cross-trainer for other sports. Once the participant has completed a program, he/she would have developed the skills, discipline, and confidence to enter into many community sports program.



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