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Donor Fund Program

Our Role

As the umbrella organization for amateur sport and recreation in Aurora/Denver, the Glenn Goodson Sports Community Organization has established the Donation Fund Program to assist provincial sport and recreation associations in obtaining financial support. This program is established by the Organization to help enlist donors to support sport and recreation development.

The Organization administers the Donation Fund, which can provide tax-deductible receipts for unconditional contributions to amateur sport or recreation activities in the greater Aurora or Denver area. Donations are only eligible for tax receipts if the donor or related party does not directly or indirectly benefit from the donation in any way other than the tax benefit.

The Organization provides this service without charging any administration fees. The full amount of each donation goes directly to the support of sport and recreation programs.

Definition of Gift

Gift/Unconditional Donation – is a voluntary transfer of property without valuable consideration. A gift is made if the following three (3) conditions are satisfied:

1. Property, usually cash, is transferred by a donor to a registered charity.
 2. Transfer is voluntary
 3. Transfer is made without exception of return. No benefit of any kind may be provided to the donor or to anyone designated by the donor.

Tax Receipts

To obtain a tax receipt for your donation, the following process must be followed:

  • The check is payable to the Glenn Goodson Sports Community Organization.
  • The donation must be accompanied by an unconditional donation letter (included). If this letter does not accompany the donation, the donation will be returned.
  • Checks, together with this covering letter, should be forwarded to:
Glenn Goodson Sports Community Organization
Donation Fund Program, Attn: Glenn Goodson
P.O. Box 775
Aurora, CO 80010


Limitations and Conditions

The Organization will not issue an official receipt for income tax purposes if the donor has directed the Organization to give the funds to a specific person, family or team. The Organization may issue an official receipt for income tax purposes if the donor has suggested that the donation be used in a particular program supported by the Organization.

Donation Fund Process

  • A donor may provide a donation through the Organization’s Donation Fund Program if:
  • The donor makes an unconditional donation to the Donation Fund Program. Although the donor may suggest that the donation go to a specific Organization program in sport or recreation, it is unconditional in nature. The Organization is not obligated to follow the suggestion of the donor.
  • A completed letter as outlined in the Appendix must accompany each donation.
  • The Organization will review the Donation Fund on a monthly basis and will determine distribution of funds to the programs and clients of the Organization. In disbursing funds, the Organization will consider, but will not be bound by, the requests made by donors.
  • The donor must not be related to any potential benefactor of the donation if he/she is to be eligible for a charitable tax receipt. Please see the limitations and conditions section for more information.
  • The appropriate Provincial Association will receive funds once approved by the Organization and the Minister of Community Development. The association will be required to account for the receipt and expenditure of the amount received to the Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation in their annual financial reporting.
  • The donor is issued a tax receipt.



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