Partners With A Purpose - A 1Boxing & GGCSO


The Glenn Goodson Sports Community Organization is proud to partner with A 1Boxing. A 1Boxing is an amateur boxing facility and sports recreation gym, and the first of its kind in the area. Their location, training staff, and operational experience are instrumental in administering effective programs that serve at-risk adolescents in Aurora. Following are descriptions of the core developmental programs which GGSCO implements at the A 1Boxing gym.


Aurora Police Activities League (APAL)
The Aurora Police Activities League is a youth-oriented program designed to improve the relations between police and youth in the community through mentoring. A.P.A.L. is a continuous program that uses a proactive approach to juvenile crime prevention by providing all participants ages 8 – 18 the opportunity to train and compete in amateur boxing matches. It also helps in developing discipline, respect, integrity and focus – characteristics crucial to academic achievement. With an average of 25 children from A.P.A.L training each evening, this program has the greatest potential to effect the largest population of youths in the community.



The Division of Youth Corrections Program
The Division of Youth Corrections Program is an alternative treatment option serving participants ages 10-21 who have been convicted of delinquent behavior. This program is accessible to over 10,000 at-risk youths throughout Colorado who either reside in a range of residential treatment facilities, receive outreach services, or on parole. Juveniles are provided with the opportunity to train for competition which supplements the services received through the state. This program reaches the population of juveniles with the greatest need for positive reinforcement and provides the opportunity to make profound changes in the children who need it the most.


A Fighting Chance

A Fighting Chance is a follow up program targeted at male and female adolescents ages 15-18 with prior infractions. The program helps to improve the thinking processes of at-risk youths through weekly group sessions with a cognitive trainer and physical training. Participants will engage in rigorous physical activity with a goal of entering in a certified boxing event. Groups of 10 participants are treated on an eight-week cycle, providing GGSCO an opportunity to impact the lives of 60 juveniles annually.




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